What Does Bail Bonding In Huntsville, AL, Mean For A Defendant?

Bail Bonding Huntsville, AL helps a defendant get out of jail until their case works its way through the justice system. Although some states are doing away with cash bails, most still have the system in place. That means most defendants have a chance to post bail to be released from custody.

Understanding The Process

Bail Bonding in Huntsville, AL, comes into play after a person has been charged with a crime. A person can be held for days without being officially processed. An individual might be arrested and held for a couple of days and not charged. A person might also be arrested and charged within a matter of hours. Once officially charged, a bail hearing will be held. It’s at that time bail will be either allowed or denied. A Discount Bonding Co. Inc can help once bail is set.

Approved Or Denied

A defendant has to understand that a court doesn’t have to grant bail. Some defendants are charged with severe crimes and aren’t approved for bail. Other defendants are considered flight risks and can’t get bail. If a defendant is considered to be a danger to the community, they can expect to have a bail motion denied. Even if a defendant is provided a bail amount, it might be too much for them to pay. High bails are often used to make it harder for a defendant to get out of custody. Browse website to find out more about bail and getting a defendant out of jail.

Staying Out

Once an individual makes bail, it should be their goal to stay out of jail. Bail can be revoked, and a judge will attach guidelines to bail. For example, if a person is accused of violence against a person, they might have a release condition that specifies keeping away from the alleged victim. Violating that condition could get the bail revoked. A lawyer can help a defendant understand the conditions of their release. Browse website of a bail agent to find out more.

A bail bondsman can work with a person to secure their release from custody. A defendant doesn’t have to pay the full amount of their bail to get out. They usually have to come up with 10 percent if they use a bail agent.

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