What Do You Do When Involved in a Tractor Trailer Accident in Newport?

by | Nov 19, 2014 | Law

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Tractors and trailers weigh more than 85,000 pounds and range more than 70-80 feet long. When such machinery is moving at a great speed, it will roll very far before it comes to a halt. A tractor trailer accident in Newport can occur due to the driver falling asleep or driving at a breaking speed. However, not all accidents happen due to the truck trailer driver’s negligence. If you have a smaller vehicle and you are involved in an accident with a truck trailer, the results are devastating since you are disadvantaged by the weight and size of your car. Here are steps to take in case of a tractor trailer accident:

* When the accident happens, you should stay calm and wait for the medics to arrive if you cannot move.

* If you can move, then you can go ahead and assess the safety of the other individuals involved in an accident.

* Ensure you have called 911.

* Remove yourself from the danger zone, and anyone else who is injured and move your car as far as possible from the road.

* Once the police and medics have arrived. Make sure you follow their instructions. If you are required to evacuate the area, do so.

* Contact your insurance broker to begin the process of recovering your vehicle.

* Get adequate medical attention and determine if you will need follow-up from your doctor. If so, ensure that you follow the doctors’ instructions and keep all the medical records since they always come in handy during negotiations with your insurance broker.

* Visit your health and auto insurance broker and get the necessary information on what your insurance plan covers. Your auto insurance agent will give you detailed info on how long your vehicle will take to be repaired after Tractor Trailer Accident in Newport and suggest you rent a car in the meanwhile.

After knowing your medical needs and the amount your insurance company is willing to reimburse, you can consider getting an attorney. He will help you all the way from the paperwork to negotiating on your behalf the right amount to be reimbursed.

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