What Criminal Lawyers in Bellingham WA Can Do For Your Case

Finding yourself on the defensive end of a criminal case can be extremely scary. In addition to being overwhelmed by the whole experience, you have to worry about building a case, and navigating the complicated judicial system that’s at hand. If you’re ever in this position, don’t make the mistake of approaching it alone. You need Criminal Lawyers in Bellingham WA who know what steps to take. Let’s take a look at exactly what these lawyers do for their clients.

For starters, a criminal lawyer may be able to help lessen your punishment. Prosecutors are often very determined to have the harshest punishment given to a defendant. Unfortunately, prosecutors aren’t always willing to negotiate with defendants who choose to represent themselves. On the other hand, your criminal lawyer may be able to negotiate with prosecutors and work out a plea bargain. You may not have to step foot in jail at all.
Criminal Lawyers in Bellingham WA can also help the courts arrive to a reasonable amount of punishment. Every defendant isn’t lucky enough to get off scott-free. If you’re found guilty for a crime, and are to be sentenced, your lawyer could work out a reasonable sentencing arrangement that works in your favor. For instance, the prosecution may aim for you to spend a year in prison doing hard time for drug possession. Instead of this, your lawyer may encourage the judge to give you only six months in prison, and allow you to spend the other six months in a drug rehabilitation center.

Your lawyer will also help you emotionally as the case moves on. Again, defendants are often overwhelmed by the judicial process. Many of them are afraid because they aren’t sure about what’s going to happen to them. Lawyers provide their clients with a shoulder to lean on, and can also give them the reality check they need. During most cases, lawyers actually have a good idea about how the case is going, and what kind of punishment the defendant will likely receive. This kind of insight can be very comforting for any client.

As you can see, criminal lawyers can offer a lot to their clients. Not only are they great at negotiating and arranging sentences, but they can provide professional and emotional support through hard times.

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