What Buyers Need to Consider Before Buying Land for Sale in Central Texas

When homes on the market don’t meet a buyer’s needs, they might decide to buy land and build a custom home. Buyers who choose to buy Land For New Construction in Bertram or in Central Texasmust consider several factors before making such a purchase.


Just because a piece of land looks like a good deal doesn’t mean it is. Buyers need to consider the land’s resale value and its location to amenities, schools, highways, public transportation, and more.


“Setbacks” refer to how far a house can set back from the property’s boundaries. Many communities have strict setback requirements. People who want to build a home with a large footprint need to find land that will accommodate this.


Buying land that isn’t part of a planned community means the buyer needs to know if lands are subjected to zoning laws other than residential. Some land is only allowed for commercial or agricultural use. Likewise, buyers want to know what the land around the property they’re interested in is zoned for in the future. No one wants to buy a large expanse of land, only to have a factory or strip mall as their neighbor a couple of years down the road!

Utility Sources

Virgin land, especially land that isn’t being sold in a planned community, will need to have utility sources brought in. This can get very expensive when one has to connect to municipal sources like water, sewer, and electricity.

Future homeowners looking to buy land for new construction must work with seasoned builders who understand the unique challenges these properties bring. For more information about building on land in central Texas, contact the Coregon Building Company online at https://www.coregonbuildingcompany.com.

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