What Are The Steps For Mold Remediation In Atlanta?

In Atlanta, property owners can’t waste any time scheduling remediation services when mold develops. These developments can have catastrophic results if they are mismanaged. For this exact reason, the property owner must choose a remediation provider and start the process quickly. The following are the steps for Mold Remediation in Atlanta.

Assess the Entire Property

The remediation team starts with a full assessment of the entire property. They inspect all areas in which mold is present. They also follow steps to examine the path in which the mold has traveled. Common areas in which the mold may travel including the basement, crawlspaces, and the ventilation system. The inspectors label all areas in which they discover this hazard.

Test the Mold Discovered in the Property

The team tests all mold discovered to pinpoint its species. This information is vital for restoring the property. By identifying the exact type, the team can follow the correct protocol for removing it and treating the property. They must identify the correct chemicals to treat the property first. This eliminates the possibility of more mold developing inside the property.

Start the Removal Process

The remediation service starts the removal process by following all EPA regulations. All items must be packaged in thick plastic and labeled according to the species of the mold. They must acquire adequate waste management services to ensure that the mold doesn’t pose a threat to others. Professional waste management services handle all items that were damaged by the mold developments.

Start the Restoration Process

The restoration process begins with the distribution of chemicals and cleanup efforts. The team utilizes the correct chemicals to kill off all mold found in the property. The final steps are to restore all property damage according to the limitations of the homeowner’s policy.

In Atlanta, property owners follow strict guidelines for re-mediating mold developments. These toxins could lead to serious respiratory diseases for the homeowner. They can also have fatal results for children and the elderly. Property owners who need to schedule Mold Remediation in Atlanta contact 1 Priority Environmental Services, Inc.to schedule an appointment right now.

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