What Are The Main Roles Of A Bankruptcy Attorney?

Are you thinking of filing a bankruptcy case? Do not represent yourself at the court of law. Instead, you should hire the services of a reputed and experienced bankruptcy attorney. It is important to let an experienced attorney handle your bankruptcy case because such legal cases are complicated and inexperienced representation will complicate matters further. There are two main reasons for you to hire the services of a bankruptcy attorney –

  • You might be inexperienced in handling bankruptcy related legal cases. Wrongful filing might lead to dismissal of the case at the court of law. Moreover, if the case is not handled by an experienced attorney, the case might get further complicated. This can also reduce your chances of winning the case. You might even have to pay heavier penalties and get punishments if you ignore the importance of hiring the services of an attorney.
  • There are complex and tedious paperwork associated with insolvency cases. You might not be able to handle such paperwork efficiently. Are you aware of the papers and documents you need to present before the court of law? Generally, for such a case, there is a requirement of elaborate documentations including the gathering of income related papers and credit ratings. In addition to this, there are other formalities related to the case.

The roles played by a bankruptcy attorney are vital in providing relief from the bad financial conditions. In addition to this the bankruptcy attorney will also represent you in negotiating with the creditors. An experienced bankruptcy attorney will be able to talk directly with your creditors and will negotiate to strike a profitable deal for you. S/he will be able to put an end to the creditors’ calls and threats for the dues.

Do you know that there are mainly two types of personal bankruptcy cases? The first type is the Chapter 7 bankruptcy and the other one is the Chapter 13. The two types of cases demand a different set of conditions to be fulfilled and varied solutions. An experienced attorney will be able to assess your case and will be able to determine the type of bankruptcy you should file for. For example, if you have non-exempt property and do not have any valuable assets like a house or a land in your name, you should file for insolvency under Chapter 7. Furthermore, if you are willing to pay off your debts in easier installments and lower interest rates, an attorney will suggest you to file under Chapter 13.

So, you can see that the role of a bankruptcy attorney is vital. When it comes to choosing the best bankruptcy attorney, Fairfax, VA is the place to be.