What are the Implications of Divorce?

Divorce is skyrocketing in America and the Western world. The growing phenomenon of broken marriages and broken homes has not only put pressure on society but also on other aspects of home life. Studies have shown that the health of those individuals who are no longer in a marital relationship can be greatly affected by the breakup of the marriage. A recent study whose results were published in the Journal of Health and Social Behavior after studying 9000 adults in the United States between the ages of 51 and 61, indicated that those who had been divorced or widowed suffered 20% more chronic health conditions like heart disease, diabetes and cancer, when compared to individuals who were married. It is believed that loss of a spouse is bad for your health. Like any other lifestyle change it can result in anxiety and depression along with other stress related physical ailments.  The incidence of suicide and psychiatric ailments is also known to rise when a person is divorcing or considering doing so. It is an emotionally and financially crippling time for the individuals involved and their children.

Divorced households are not only disastrous for the social fabric of a country but they present some environmental impacts too. In a study conducted in 12 countries across the world (1998-2002) it was found that the average number of people in such households was 27-41% smaller than married households. If these divorced households had been married households, there could have been 7.4 million fewer households in those countries. Divorce is a resource inefficient lifestyle that is not eco friendly. It not only hurts individuals and society, it also has a detrimental effect on the environment as it causes households to take up more space and consume more energy and water.

Financially, divorce can make a big dent in your resources. You would have to study the implications of your marital breakup on your taxes, insurance policies, property division etc. Legally the dissolution of your marriage would make it imperative that you become aware of laws in your state pertaining to child custody, child support, spousal support and division of assets. When you have a good lawyer who is specialized in family law, he or she can properly guide you to know your legal rights and how you can protect them. When confronted with legal queries in complex legal matters consult a lawyer specializing in divorce. Palmyra MO residents can consult with experienced local family law experts for all legal issues.