What Are Sump Pumps And Why Do You Need One?

Many people face problems of accumulated water in the basement of their house. Dampness in the basement do not just weakens the foundation of the house but also damages floors and furniture. If you too are facing similar problems, you should immediately buy sump pumps.

Sump pumps are basically appliances that are used to remove water from specific spots. These are especially efficient in removing water and dampness from the basement of a house. If you are noticing frequent flooding in basement of your house, you should buy sump pumps immediately and install in the affected area. The pumps will suck in all the water and dampness and redirect it to a drain of a place where it will not cause any harm to the building. Furthermore, you could avoid problems like mold growths, and rottening and rusting of furniture with the help of such appliances.

If you are planning to install sump pumps in your house, it is important for you to have an idea of the working of the appliances. Here it goes…

When water reaches above a certain level in the basement, the pumps start automatically. The water is thrown away from the building or into a proper drainage system. So, during installation, the experts should properly plan out the expulsion of water. There are basically two types of sump pumps – submersible and pedestal.

Types to choose from

The average size of submersible pumps is about 12 inches. These are placed inside the tank at the bottom of the pit or basement. There is a float switch to turn on the appliances when needed. The switch is generally placed in a water-proof plastic bubble that floats as the water rises. When water rises above a certain level, the switch is turned on automatically and pumps start functioning.

You can also choose pedestal pumps. The appliances are mounted on small pedestal about 30 inches tall. There are pipes attached to the motors of these appliances that extend to the bottom. Quite similar to the submersible types, these also have floating switches, which function in the same manner.

Whatever be the type of sump pumps you choose, size matters a lot. The size needs to be determined by the area of drainage, the depth of the basement, amount of water, and various other factors. Discuss the problem of basement flooding with a reputed plumbing service provider and the professionals will help you in choosing the right pumps for your house. Nevertheless, when it comes to sump pumps, Mokena, IL is where a few of the experienced professionals are based.

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