What are Mobile Wastewater Treatment Systems and what do they contain?

Mobile wastewater treatment systems are a cost-effective way to set up onsite wastewater and sewage treatment equipment in almost any place.

What does it contain?

There are sea containers present in mobile wastewater treatment plants. These sea containers already have wastewater treatment equipment installed that makes it possible to travel throughout the world with ease. A container consists of all steps of the treatment procedure. The wastewater treatment plant contains the following elements:

Mechanical screen

The mechanical screen present in it is designed to filter all coarse material from the influent. The garbage is then held until it can be disposed of.

Aerated buffer container tanks

The aerated buffer container tanks equalize and mix the incoming wastewater so that it enters the reactor container homogenized and well mixed.

Biological reactor

A biological reactor container is where the main biological treatment takes place. It has a fixed bed media and aeration system


A containerized clarifier with lamella plates allows the final effluent to be clarified and settled.

Technical container

A technical container is used to hold all of the control panels, aeration equipment, and other electrical and mechanical components.

However, there are a number of additional modules that can be installed to any mobile wastewater treatment plant apart from these core components.

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