What an Orthodontist is and how He can help You

by | Sep 17, 2012 | Dental Health

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Some of you might be considering visiting an orthodontist in the future. Whatever the reason might be, it is best to know what an orthodontist’s job is.

Basically, an orthodontist deals with the correction and prevention of malocclusions. That is, he specializes on problems regarding the jaws and the teeth, such as misalignments and crookedness. Malocclusions are usually divided into three classes, depending on how the upper and lower teeth are aligned.

Class I are those conditions in which both the upper and lower teeth are perfectly aligned, but the teeth are overcrowded, overlapping, or are spaced too far apart. Some severe cases may include rotation and transposition. Rotation happens when a tooth is slightly rotated from its normal position. Transposition, on the other hand, happens when two or more teeth erupt interchangeably. Those that belong to Class II are those cases in which the upper teeth are inordinately positioned in front of the lower teeth. Class III is the inverse of Class II. Here, the upper teeth are located behind the lower teeth. Class II and III are commonly called overbite and underbite respectively.

There are other severe cases of malocclusions that may or may not be classified anywhere on the three classes depending on the severity and appearance. One of the most common conditions is crossbite. This is when the upper and lower teeth are positioned interchangeably inward and outward with each other.

Most malocclusions are hereditary in nature. Jaw bone structure is the greatest contributor of these conditions. That is why it is advised that a child should have his first visit to an Orthodontist in Fort Worth at the age of seven. Also, injuries, accidents, early shedding of temporary teeth, and other factors can contribute to malocclusions.

Not only are these conditions affecting speech and mastication of food, they also affect one’s physical appearance. Poor self-perception can later become a reason for low self-esteem. Furthermore, they contribute to poor oral health and vulnerability to oral diseases.

Once you have any of the malocclusions stated above, it is important to visit an Orthodontist within the Fort Worth area immediately. The first thing the professional will do when you visit him the first time is conduct a diagnosis or a battery of diagnoses. After that, he will discuss with you orthodontics procedures that will work for your condition. Once you come up with an agreement, treatment will begin.

The most common treatment is wearing braces. It is a fact that braces can be painful and may not be comfortable. That is why as much as possible braces must be removed as early as possible. However, traditional braces require to be worn at least two years for the treatment to be effective. Good thing there is Fastbraces. This kind can straighten teeth as early as few moths as it simultaneously moves the crown and root for faster results. There are orthodontists who are qualified to provide Fastbraces in their clinics. It is best to contact an Orthodontist to know more about this treatment.

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