What a Great Sign Shop Can Do For You

As a business owner, you need reliable printing services. The ability to get professional looking flyers and signs can be a big asset to your business.

Take time when choosing your sign shop. Do not assume every vendor can offer the same services and level of quality. Here are things to consider before deciding on a sign shop.

1. The number of different services. Ideally, you want a shop that offers a variety of printing services, including signs, flyers, brochures, business cards, clothing and other print materials. The more services they can do, the easier it is for you. In addition, you are likely to get the best pricing when a print vendor can count on getting plenty of business from you.
2. Turnaround time. It is important to know about how long it will take to get products turned around. For example, some print shops only keep a small amount of paper in stock, so when you order, they may have to order the paper before they can print your order. Understanding their process will help you determine your choice.
3. Rush services. Many printers and sign shops offer rush services for when you need a really fast turnaround. Most, however, charge a premium for these services. Find out your print shop’s definition of a “rush job” and how much they charge for rush services.
4. Quality. Before you use a print shop for the first time, ask to see other work they have done that is comparable to the type of work you will be asking them to perform. Their professionalism reflects on your business, so it is imperative that they do good work.
5. Prices. You should never choose your sign shop based on price alone, but you should choose a shop whose pricing is competitive.

With these tips in mind, you can find the perfect printer for your business.

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