What A General Dentist in St George UT Can Do For You

If you have great looking teeth, and you want to keep them that way, you’ll need the help of a general dentist. Far too many people either avoid or overlook the importance of visiting a dentist and receiving regular checkups. When you avoid the dentist you make yourself more open to oral complications. A General Dentist in St George UT can provide you with primary dental care in order to help you grow and maintain healthy teeth. Let’s take a look at general dentists and some of the things they can do for you.

General dentists are great when it comes to teaching patients about proper oral hygiene. Most people don’t realize that developing bright healthy teeth involves brushing and flossing several times a day. While some people only brush their teeth when they wake up in the morning, and before they go to bed, most dentists recommend brushing and flossing after every meal. This means that you should be brushing your teeth at least three times a day.

In addition to performing regular checkups, a General Dentist in St George UT can also perform various cosmetic procedures. For instance, does your smile suffer from teeth that frequently look dingy and off-white? No matter how much you brush you may never be able to achieve the bright smile you’re hoping for. However, your primary dentist can fix this problem in one simple visit. During your visit, your dentist will apply a teeth whitening gel to your off-white teeth. In just a matter of minutes your teeth will become several shades lighter.

Yes, teeth whitening procedures are very popular, but this isn’t always the best solution for some people. Instead many people opt to have veneers installed. Veneers look exactly like real teeth and are often used to provide a quick-fix solution for people with dental problems. Patients often use their veneers to cover dingy, missing, crooked, and decaying teeth.

As you can see general dentistry is very important. Not only can these dentists help you care for your teeth, but they can also improve the way your teeth look and feel. Visit Hatch & Jeppson Dental for more information on general dentists and how your dentist can help you.

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