Ways to Get Painter’s Tape Over Surfaces to Prevent Making a Mess

Whether you’re painting a wall, counters, or another surface, there will likely be something that you don’t want to get messy. An item that you can use is tape to block off the areas that you don’t want to paint over. Here are some tips for getting started.

The Right Kind

If you plan to use blue painters tape, you need to get the right kind for the job. This is a kind of paint that is designed to be used when painting. There are different levels of stickiness depending on the surface that you’re covering and different widths so that you can cover a variety of surfaces.


It’s best to find the problems that you could encounter before using blue painters tape so that you’re not lifting the material off the surface and putting it back down. If the surface is cold or moist, then the tape likely won’t stick as well as it would if it were dry. You also need to make sure the surface is smooth so that you don’t peel off paint or other materials.


When you’re ready to apply the tape, you want to line it up so that it’s straight. Once the tape is in place, you can smooth it down with a putty knife or even a credit card. Paint should be swept away from the tape to prevent getting the surface below the tape covered. If you need to use tape on corners, you should mark off the area before putting the tape down so that you get it covered correctly.

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