Water, Fire Damage Control And Restoration

by | Aug 2, 2011 | Home Improvement

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Extensive damages can be caused by both water and fire. Losses incurred by flooding or a sudden fire accident is not an unknown phenomena. However, one should quickly brace himself up after such disasters, and make efforts to restore and control further losses.

Restoration of belongings and household furniture items after the damage caused by water will depend on the amount of water that has caused the damages and the time for which it remained stagnant. Excess water should be mopped out off the wooden floors. A good absorbent mop should be used to soak excess water from seeping into the spaces between the boards. Furniture items and important documents should be moved to a drier place and allowed to dry. After this process is completed, the area should be dried completely to avoid spreading of molds and mildews which have serious consequences on your health, and might even cause chronic cough, itchy and watery eyes, difficulty in breathing, nasal problems, rashes, and migraines. Moreover they also cause discoloration of your walls. Mold and mildew removers should be applied on wooden flooring and under your carpets, once the area is completely dried out. Fabrics which bleed color should also be moved to a well ventilated area and left to dry.

Water, fire damage restoration projects may be undertaken by the homeowners themselves, or can be handed over to a team of professionals who are experts in handling such situations. The later is always a better option. After a fire accident, most people face problems in removing the soot. If you prefer to do the cleaning all by yourself, you must use a dry sponge and avoid using water as it will only smear the soot on your walls. However, it is advisable to contact a professional team and avoid soot from entering further into the fabrics. Professionals will also help you in removing odor and treat your electrical equipments. They have the right tools to treat your walls and fabric after they are grievously covered under soot and ash. You should avoid using electrical equipments before they are checked and repaired to prevent shock or burns.

There are a number of companies with experienced restoration professionals. They also offer 24-hour services to deal with the effects of water, fire damage. Zephyrhills hosts a number of such companies which can help you in rebuilding your house if its damaged due a fire accident or due to floods, and so forth!


When you are looking to hire professionals to restore your house after a water fire damage Zephyrhills, check out the restoration and remodeling contracts at True Builders, a most trusted brand in the industry.

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