Walking With Dinosaurs In Colorado

If you are interested in history, Colorado is an interesting place to live. It becomes even more fascinating if you have a curiosity in prehistory. This is where, if you purchase a Colorado ranch for sale, you may find yourself walking with the dinosaurs.

Why Dinosaurs in Colorado

It is sometimes said that Colorado is the Jurassic Park of the United States. Like Alberta, Ontario, Canada, it has been home to many of these giant creatures. In fact, it has provided the perfect preservation grounds for these fascinating creatures. The combination of sandstone and shale with the pressure and shifting of the Rocky Mountains has resulted in the preservation of many large and small dinosaurs. The land has also kept fairly intact dinosaur footprints and, a child’s favorite – dinosaur doo-doo.

Places to Go

The result of this outpouring of dinosaur material has been a boon to those who love dinosaurs in many shapes and forms. In Colorado, they can follow the paths of dinosaurs through the mountains and along trails at Picketwire Canyonlands just south of Junta. They can also view dinosaur remains and interact with the creatures and their parts in several places including:

  • Dinosaur Ridge (Morrison) – Dinosaur footprints and bone to see, touch and take selfies with
  • Dinosaur National Monument – This monument borders Utah and Colorado. Come touch dinosaur bones and live to tell of it
  • Denver Museum of Nature and Science – Traditional and interactive displays including some on dinosaurs in the area
  • Dinosaur Quarry – Showcases around 1,500 dinosaur bones
  • Parfet Prehistoric Preserve (Golden) – Follow the Triceratops Trail over and by footprints, trace fossils and other dino, animal and plant impressions

Yet, by far one of the most popular places to live and breathe dinosaurs in Colorado is Dinosaur Journey.

Dinosaur Journey

If you really want to feed your inner dinosaur, buy a Colorado ranch for sale near Dinosaur Journey. Visit and you can see and touch so much. There are robotic dinosaurs towering over you. There are interactive displays. This museum encourages everyone to touch and experience dinosaurs – even dino doo-doo is there for you to hold. If you want, you can even watch the archeologists work at a nearby dig.

Finding a Colorado Ranch for Sale with Dinosaurs

If you want to, you can locate a Colorado ranch for sale near where the dinosaurs roamed the state. Talk to real estate agents. They may be able to make your dream come true.

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