Using the Collaborative Divorce Ct Option for a Future-Focused Settlement

by | Dec 9, 2013 | Law

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The mention of divorce in contemporary society elicits negative images and for a good reason. In a society where mass information flow is a reality, negative issues on marriage are fodder for gossip. Every other time you hear about a divorce, it will most likely be a messy one where everyone ends up becoming a loser.

In such cases, the only winner is your divorce lawyer. Through the collaborative divorce Ct option, you can avoid this negativity and ensure your family is protected. How is this so? Non-adversarial divorces are now a reality and you will not have to watch as your dirty linen is displayed for the whole world to see.

The collaborative divorce option is becoming popular in Connecticut and if you have been struggling to get a foothold in your divorce proceedings, this is your soft landing. It is a legal process where each party is legally represented by an attorney and other crucial experts such as financial consultants. The overall goal of all collaborative attorneys involved is protection of the family and catering for its wellbeing.

In a collaborative divorce there are some principles which your attorney adheres to. Firstly, they must avoid court interference in any decisions made. Secondly, you will also adhere to honest and frank exchanges of information to ensure no acrimony builds up in the legal process. More importantly, you will enjoy a non-adversarial environment in which to work from away from the intimidation of the court rules and regulations.

Why else would you opt for a Collaborative divorce Ct option? Consider the loss of dignity associated with court proceedings where everything is laid bare? How will your kids, family and colleagues look at your henceforth? Dignity is at the core of collaborative divorce and not just a pyrrhic victory. You will also be able to contain any enmity between you and your spouse for the sake of your kids.

Another crucial factor is the financial risk involved in litigation. There is no sure way of predicting a court’s ruling and you might be signing your financial ruin by opting for adversarial litigation. By opting for the collaborative divorce you will have some control in making decisions that are tailor-made for your family.

Remember that the divorce case does translate to the demise of your role as a parent and hence, you would still like your kids and even former spouse go on positively in their life. This is why you need an option which can help you make positive decisions for the future of your family unlike in a divorce court where everything will be out of your hands.

Do you really want the best for your family? Then go for the collaborative divorce Ct and hence avoid family decisions being made for your in a an adversarial divorce court.

Opt for a future focused initiative that will still ensure your family will be well-catered for. Get even more detailed information by interacting with Collaborative Divorce Ct legal experts at visit us website.


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