Using Drapes in Your Home Décor

by | Feb 20, 2015 | Wallpaper Store

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If you are looking to revamp the décor of your home, hanging some drapes is an excellent idea. However, many people tend to confuse drapes with curtains. Often times, people confuse the two when looking to buy distinct window treatments for their homes. However, there are several differences between drapes and curtains.

Drapes are generally made out of heavy materials, which do not consist of shear/ see through fabrics. They are designed to block out the sunlight during the day and to prevent heat from escaping during the cold months. As a result, they are much more expensive when compared with standard curtains. They are of a much higher quality than curtains, and contain a lot more fabric.

On the other hand, curtains are made out of lighter fabrics, such as sheer or cotton. They are usually made out of translucent materials, and are significantly cheaper than their window counterparts. Unlike drapes, curtains do not have a second lining. Hence, they provide much less privacy. However, they can be paired with blinds or shutters since they are relatively light. Here are a few ways to use draperies in order to enhance the style of your home:

Get Matching Colors

This is probably a given, but draperies provide the best effect in a room consisting of darker colors. Shades such as maroon, dark blue and green are an excellent choice. If you have dark colored furniture in the room, the draperies will match perfectly. Draperies are designed to keep light out, so using light colors will not achieve that effect. That is why darker colors are more preferred.

Top the Draperies with a Cornice or Valance

A cornice is a common furniture element. It is a horizontal molding that can be installed over a window, and often features a stylish design. It is commonly seen atop interior walls, and can really add to the décor of your house. On the other hand, a window valance is a type of window treatment that covers the top part of the window, and can be paired with draperies.

If you do not want anybody to see the drapery hardware on top of your windows, getting a window valance is an excellent way to conceal the top of your windows and complement the draperies.

The Length

The length of the draperies should also be chosen carefully. You can either select large sized drapes that create a small puddle on the floor, or opt for a more formal length that ends at the floor. Modern draperies also come in varying lengths, such as those that end at the sill or just at the bottom of the apron.

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