Uses for 15 Passenger Van Rentals in New Jersey

It is not every day that you need enough room in a vehicle to fit up to 15 people but 15 passenger van rentals can make any group outing more enjoyable in the long run. No matter your reason for gathering together, the benefits of this type of rental, such as the ability to arrive at once and in the same place, quickly add up. In addition, you can split the cost of the rental among passengers to make it even more cost-effective than driving your own separate vehicles.

School Outings

15 passenger van rentals in New Jersey may be a great idea for a school wishing to send a specific group of children out on a field trip. For example, the marching band of a high school is not unlikely to have at least one trip on its own as a single group, which would make this type of vehicle perfect. Small clubs, such as an archery club, could also visit Great American Charters if they want to go to competitions.


Some people choose 15 passenger van rentals because they plan to go on vacations with large groups of friends and family. For example, a group from an elderly home may save up over some months for a vacation close to home. Renting this type of vehicle can help not only increase the fun of the time away but also decrease the cost of sending so many people to the same location at once.


The bridal party arriving at the same time and place is critical if you want a wedding to go as planned, making this type of vehicle perfect for the occasion. Not only will the party ride in style and comfort but being able to split the price should allow the bride more money to spend on the wedding while allowing guests to spend less on travel. Visit

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