Use the Best Sweepers for your Hard Floors

by | Nov 30, 2011 | Home Decor

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There are many reasons to opt out of carpeting in your home or business. Perhaps someone in your home has severe allergies, or you want to be environmentally responsible and have natural flooring selections. Perhaps as a business, you want to avoid the cost of having carpets that will need frequent shampooing or replacement to keep your location looking its best. Whatever the reason, you can now keep your hard floors clean with a specially designed hard floor sweeper.

Hard floors have always been a challenge to keep clean with older vacuums. The vacuums could be heavy, noisy machines that blew dirt and dust around, instead of picking it up off your hard flooring surfaces. This ongoing battle with dust and dirt would then send you scurrying for the nearest floor mop and cleaner designed for your particular brand of flooring. Mopping often pushes the dust and dirt around from the middle of your floor to the edges. The edges, however, are where it tends to accumulate, turning into mud from repeated exposure to water and cleaning solutions, until it becomes almost impossible to remove.

To combat these problems, you need a sweeper with a unique set of Rotoblades designed to remove dust, dirt, sand, hair and other debris from the surface of your hard floors. As you move the sweeper head back and forth, the blades lift and remove debris from the floor into the containment unit until you are ready to empty it. The head swivels at the slightest application of pressure on the handle, helping you turn corners and navigate around under furnishings with ease.

Whatever your reason for opting out of carpeting, it was a reasonable decision. Today’s modern hard floor sweeper allows you to achieve an optimal level of cleanliness for all types of natural flooring. Whether your hard floor surfaces are made of wood, tile, vinyl or concrete, they deserve to be every bit as clean as carpet. This floor sweeper gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing just how spotless they really are!


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