Use Signs and Vinyl Banners in Oklahoma City for Your Next Branding Campaign

There are all sorts of types of printed signs, but that doesn’t mean that you have to choose just one. In fact, the most successful advertising and branding campaigns bring multiple elements together to present a unified appearance to prospects. While not all businesses can afford to get every type of ad, it’s a good idea to choose two or three to really lock in your message. Here are some options that should be considered:

Auto Wraps

These are still unusual enough to turn heads. A wrapped car has far more than a magnetic sign on the side – the entire car, truck, or motorcycle is covered with your ad imagery! Graphics that use photos are especially effective since a vehicle provides enough surface area for the details to be easily visible. The large space a car provides is also big enough to catch people’s attention right away.


Signs range from the small “garage sale” variety all the way to huge, lighted signs that are attached to buildings. Signs are essential to all businesses because they let people know when they’ve found your location. A good exterior sign will also attract walk-in traffic.


vinyl banners in Oklahoma City can be used outside of an establishment or indoors. Outside, they are often used to advertise sales and special events that are taking place inside. Indoors, banners are typically used to further highlight specials. Banners made for the outdoors use waterproof ink and resist weathering from the sun or snow. Indoor ones tend to be cheaper, but that’s because they do not use waterproof ink. The vinyl for an indoor sign also doesn’t need to be weatherproof.

When choosing these and other forms of advertising, one thing you should make sure to do is have a unified look for everything. Use the same colors, logo, types of images, and other visuals for each campaign. This will allow your efforts to build on each other so that people will think of your company when they see any of your ads even if they don’t fully read them. For example, if you put a picture of a tree on your car, print one on your vinyl banners in Oklahoma City as well as on your signs. Use the same fonts as well. This will provide tight messaging that will be more memorable than it otherwise could be.

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