Unexpected Benefits of getting a Foot Massage in Honolulu, HI

Everyone knows that there is nothing like a Foot Massage in Honolulu HI, after a hard day’s work to help you relax. While it may feel amazing, there used to be very little proof that it benefited you in any way except helping you to relax. It has come to light recently however, that foot massages may actually have some health benefits that were otherwise unknown.

Read on below for some of the many benefits associated with getting a Foot Massage in Honolulu HI.

It is Good for Your Love Life

Grab some oil, some scented candles, and then turn the lights down low. A foot massage is said to be great foreplay and can do amazing things for your love life. It is said that the feet are a great starting point to get the juices flowing. Besides, who would not want to have their feet massaged by the one that they love.

Can Improve Circulation

In today’s world, people do not get the exercise that they once did. This is hard to the circulation, starting with the feet and lower extremities. It is said that a 10 to 20 minute foot massage right before bed can do wonders for your circulation. This is extremely important if you have diabetes.

Prevent Foot and Ankle Injuries

Studies show that a foot massage helps quite a bit when it comes to recovering form ankle and foot injuries. It also helps to increase the muscles in the feet and ankles, to prevent the injuries from happening again. A short foot massage session at least three to five times a week can greatly reduce your risk of injury.

Helps to Relieve Depression and Anxiety

Studies are now showing that reflexology is a great way to reduce the effects of depression and anxiety. Frequent sessions have even been shown to reduce the stress and anxiety in cancer patients.

These are just a few of the benefits of foot massages that were not known before. So the next time you want to have a foot massage, do not consider it just a guilty pleasure. Make sure that you try out Thai-Issan Therapeutic Massage as well, when you decide to have your next session.

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