Underwater Fishing Lights in Port Charlotte FL along with Tips for Night Fishing

Most of those who enjoy fishing do so during the early morning hours of the day. However, many anglers prefer being out just at the sun goes down. There can be different challenges associated with this based on the region, time of year, type of water, and species of fish. They range from casting surface lures in the dark to using flowing lures for deep water salmon trolling, to sitting on a boat that isn’t equipped with underwater fishing lights in Port Charlotte FL trying to catch tarpon. Here are some tips for night fishing.

Rig Multiple Rods

Keep a few rods handy with different lures or bait on them. This will reduce the need to use lights to re-rig. Those casting with a bait casting outfit that ends up getting backlash plan to put that rod aside and employ one that is ready to go. In situations where a person is prone to backlashes and bait casting tackle, try using spinning gear at night.

Learn the Area

As tempting as it might be to take off on a last minute fishing trip to an unknown destination, this isn’t a good idea. Instead, take the time to get familiar with the place during daylight hours first. Take note of any obstacles that might be a problem at night, even draw out a map. When casting, slow down and work specific area well rather than trying to cover more territory.

Keep it Quiet

It is important to always be quiet and stealthy, especially in a motorboat. Noise from moving an electric motor into position, a constantly running motor, rearranging gear inside the boat, and things of this nature will work against the effort. When in the boat, drift over an area with the motor off and keep movement inside to a minimum.

Extra Safety Measures

It is important to keep the boat tidy and not have a bunch of things underfoot causing one to lose their balance. While it’s just as easy to fall into the water during the day, at least in the daylight hours a person can see what they are doing. The bottom line is to have great respect for the water and the forces of nature.

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