Understanding the Laser Vein Treatment Method

Lasers are extremely focused beams of light. Doctors can use these to treat cases of varicose veins. The heat from the laser will damage these veins, which will create scar tissue. The scar tissue will result in the vein closing, causing it to lose its blood supply and die. After a few years, the vein will likely disappear. While Laser Vein Treatment may seem like a good idea if you suffer from this problem, there are a still a few questions you may have about the process.

Treatment Types

There are two basic types of Laser Vein Treatment:

     *     Simple Treatment: This is when the treatment is completed on the outside of your skin. This method can effectively treat spider veins or any small varicose veins that are just below the skin’s surface.

     *     Endovenous Treatment: This type of treatment is effective for treating larger veins that are in the leg.

What should You Expect After the Treatment?

No matter what treatment you choose, you will be able to walk afterward. In most cases, the recovery period is extremely short. In fact, in most cases you will likely be able to return to your day to day routine after you have the simple treatment completed.

However, after endovenous treatment you will have to wear compression stockings for at least one week. Also, at your follow up appointment you doctor will check to ensure the vein has closed.

Does it Work?

Over the past two decades, the simple type of laser treatment has become both effective and safe. Also, the endovenous treatment will close your veins approximately 94 out of every 100 attempts. If the treatment is unable to close the vein, then you may have to undergo another treatment to achieve the desired results.

If you would like more information about laser treatment for the veins that are in your legs, visit the website. Here you can learn more about the procedure and find out which treatment option is right for you. Doing this will ensure that you achieve the results that you want for the treatment that is best for your particular needs.