Understanding the HVAC System and How it Fits in Today’s Homes

Heating and air conditioning are often considered comfort functions and the appliances that supply these functions are often called comfort appliances. However, the more common term in the heating and air conditioning industry is HVAC which stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems. The HVAC is a dual function device that comes in several pieces. They include an exterior cabinet that houses the condenser system, an inner cabinet that holds the furnace and air exchange, plus the assorted ventilation pipes used to connect the building’s various rooms.

The HVAC is a complex system based on a basic principle when used for cooling the home. The system starts by condensing the refrigerant for cycling through the evaporator coil. The evaporator coil transfers heat to the refrigerant where it is then cycled to the external coil to be released outdoors. This process leaves the evaporator coil chilled enough that the blower fan can transfer that cool air throughout the house.

The heating side of the HVAC is much more complex and that complexity depends on what type of heating system is employed. For example, the gas based furnace uses a complex delivery system to supply a burner with fuel on a cyclic basis. The cycle is switched on whenever the thermostat signals the system it’s time to light the burner. Electric furnaces use a heating element that operates on the principle of electrical resistance. By generating an electrical resistance inside the coil the system produces heat that can be transferred throughout the home.

The final piece of the system is the ventilation pipes that carry the treated air throughout the home. These pipes are typically insulated enough to keep the air from shedding the heated or cooled air and will be installed through an attic, basement or under the home depending on how the house is made. For instance, many older homes weren’t designed for HVAC systems so to insure the air reached the various rooms the interior cabinet may be installed in an existing cellar or attic and the ventilation supply installed to match. To get a better idea of which system will work best for your home or to keep a current HVAC operating properly contact an experienced contractor such as Service 1 Heating & AC Inc.


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