Understanding The Advantages Of Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester

In many different types of applications in construction, roofing and engineering, combinations of different products and raw materials are used to create specific characteristics. This is true with fiberglass reinforced polyester, a product that is used to reinforce and provide structure to the materials such as asphalt shingles.

With the use of this reinforcing product, which is often known as scrim or mat reinforcement, shingles or other types of similar material become more rigid, but still have good flexibility. This allows them to be curved and bent to form ridge caps or to work in the valleys of the roof, but it also gives enough structure to allow them to be secured to the roof and to stay in place.


As a composite product, fiberglass reinforced polyester has several very big advantages over other types of reinforcement options. Fiberglass is naturally resistant to any type of corrosion, and it is also resistant to degradation from exposure to water, high humidity or even extreme temperatures.

The use of fiberglass in the reinforcing polyester lattice, which is almost like a web, also provides a very lightweight option to increase the structural rigidity of the shingle or other types of products. In roofing and construction, this lightweight factor is critical.

As mentioned above the layer of the reinforcing fiberglass provides a very high strength to weight ratio, but it also doesn’t become inflexible or difficult to work with. This is essential in many different applications where the product will need to mold or shape to a specific surface even in various temperatures and environmental conditions.

Additionally, this is a virtually maintenance free product throughout its life. When used in roofing products the scrim, when manufactured to standards, is virtually indestructible under normal environmental conditions. Granular degeneration of the shingles is usually the cause of shingle failure, not a failure of the scrim.


While roofing products are a primary use for fiberglass reinforced polyester, it is also the most common option for use in laminates. These can include insulation facings, providing the stiff backing that allows installation of installation in vertical walls and across ceilings.

You will also find this same material in sails, tarps and all types of industrial tapes. The different yarns, or the fibers, and adhesives can be used in manufacturing these types of products to have the desired properties for any specific application.