Understanding Teen Depression: An Overview For Los Angeles Parents

One of the first things that most parents in Los Angeles think when their teen’s behavior suddenly changes is that they are involved in drugs or the use of alcohol. While this can occur, there is also a very real chance teen depression treatment may be important in restoring your child to the happy, outgoing person he or she has the potential to be.

Depression is still, despite all the research, a misunderstood condition. Some people believe it is an attempt to get attention, an attempt to focus attention on themselves, or simply an act.

The reality is that depression is a chemical imbalance in the brain that can be brought about by several different factors. It is serious, often life-threatening and it is also one of the most treatable of the mental health conditions.

The Statistics

According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), about 2.8 million teens in the United States in 2014 had a major depressive incident. This represents about 11.4% of the entire population of the United States. It is most common in females, in those ages 14 to 17 and in specific groups such as whites, Hispanics and Asians. The highest rate of depression is found in teens with 2 or more races identified in their heritage.

The good news is that teen depression treatment can be highly successful in any of these groups, and at any point in the disease. With treatment, teens can learn more effective coping mechanisms, develop a higher self-esteem and learn to handle the stress in life in a way that allows them to avoid depression in the future.

The Symptoms

For many parents, the issue of getting their child into teen depression treatment is in having the symptoms identified as depression. These symptoms can include changes in both behaviors as well as in the teen’s attitude to life and the things they used to love.

The most common issues that prompt parents to seek teen depression treatment include:

  • Constant sleeping and fatigue

  • Anger and hostility that is disproportionate to the event

  • Teen isolating or withdrawing

  • School behavior issues or drop in grades

  • No interest in their life or future

  • Agitation and irritabilities that is atypical

  • Suicidal ideation or attempts

When these issues are present, it is important to seek teen depression treatment for your teen as early as possible. Los Angeles outpatient treatment, as well as inpatient options, can provide the necessary support, education and therapy to treat depression for life.

With early intervention, teen depression treatment in Los Angeles is a highly successful option for patients. To learn more about how Adolescent Growth can help, visit us online.