Understanding Septic Installation In Titusville, Florida

A septic system is a major purchase for new home builders. Of course, no one need worry about it if they are on a public system. Otherwise, the best septic system depends on the size of the lot and the type of terrain. The local government has many regulations for Septic Installation in Titusville Florida.

The Perc Test Is Key To Septic Installation

The perc test analyzes how fast the soil absorbs liquid. The test is done by drilling holes and pouring water down them. The test is important because it lets contractors know whether the land can support a septic drain field.

Traditional Septic Tank Systems

Most septic tank systems function the same. A pipe carries waste from the home to the main tank. The differences lie in the way the waste is processed. The traditional system stores waste in a tank where bacteria eats away at solids. Meanwhile, a pipe carries liquids to the drain field.

Liquids are treated in the drain field and eventually seep into the soil. Homes with shallow soil may not be able to support a drain field.

Other Treatment Methods

Septic Installation in Titusville Florida may include an aerobic system. This system uses oxygen to break down bacteria. Experts say this system works faster than the bacteria method and results in cleaner water. Further, aerobic systems do not require a lot of maintenance.

Mound septic systems are used when the land is unsuitable for a drain field. Large mounds are made of sand and waste from home is pumped into the mound. Waste goes through a sand filter before being pumped into groundwater.

Septic Tank Maintenance

The septic system needs to be inspected regularly no matter what type you have. Further, the homeowner should practice water conservation so the system is not overworked. For example, do one or two loads of laundry at a time, rather than having a laundry day. Likewise, the home should not have a garbage disposal.

Certain items should not go into the toilet. Non-biodegradable items and hazardous drugs should not go into the system. Also, experts advise adding a bacteria treatment to the septic system periodically. For more information, visit Website.com.

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