Understand Your Hair Before Utilizing Men’s Hair Treatment

by | Nov 26, 2012 | Beauty

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There are real benefits to understanding the basic information about your hair prior to utilizing men’s hair treatment in Scottsdale. Those benefits are manifest in terms of how you care for your hair prior to and following those important treatment regimens. It is also interesting information that can help you understand one of the most basic elements of your physical appearance, the regular growth and life-cycle of your hair. This article will go over some of the basic information about your hair, how it grows, what it consists of, and other interesting information that you may not have known before.

Before undertaking men’s hair treatment in Scottsdale, it is of interest to know that there are two parts to every single strand of your hair. The first is the follicle, which is the portion that actually lies on the scalp of the individual, and then there is the strand of hair itself, which grows out of the follicle and is visible to the eye to varying degrees. The hair is nourished by tiny blood vessels that are located at the follicle’s base. This point of nourishment is called the papilla, and its capillaries are what accomplish the actual nourishment. Hair is at some level a living and growing system on your body, and like anything else, good nourishment enables the hair to be healthy. That living portion of the hair is at the very bottom of the follicle, which is called the bulb.

There are multiple layers to each strand of hair affected by men’s hair treatment in Scottsdale. The inner layer of the keratin is called the medulla, and is often used in identifying different animal species due to the variation of respective medulla sizes. The next layer, called the cortex, is often what gives the hair its elasticity and curl. This is also the layer that determines in large part the color of your hair, since this is where the melanin is located. Lastly, the cuticle is the hardest part of your strand of hair, which like shingles on a roof, is formed by the overlapping of different layers of non-living cells that protect it from damage. This is also the portion of the hair that has the most affect on how much water is able to be retained in the strand of hair. When damage does occur to hair, whether by excessive brushing, heating implements, or chemical additives, the cuticle bears the brunt of most of the damage. With so many areas of each follicle and strand of hair, you see just how many areas and factors can contribute to its continued or improved health.

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