Understand Your Choices for Forestry & Tree Trucks in Virginia

When looking to complete construction jobs, different tools are helpful to complete various tasks. Forestry is no different. It is important to understand the array of tools available to you and the range of their possible functions. There are a few different choices to consider for forestry and tree trucks in Virginia.

Bucket Trucks

Bucket trucks allow individuals to reach the top of high trees, buildings or objects by entering the “bucket” and being lifted up. These machines are generally used for trimming and maintaining trees, when used in forestry. Their capacity to lift people to different heights allows them to adapt to different needs and conditions, making them very versatile. They are also used for other purposes outside of forestry, including electric work and other maintenance capacities.


Chippers are used to chip up wood once a tree is chopped down. Depending upon the particular machine, the chips can range in size. Wood chips can be utilized or sold for various purposes, including: mulch or compositing material, walkways and décor, cover the surface of child play areas and erosion control. It is important to note whether the chipper you are considering uses gas or electricity as a power source. This should be known and utilized in making the best decision for your company’s forestry and tree trucks in Virginia.

Grapple Booms

Grapple booms are some of the most commonly seen forestry and tree trucks in Virginia. In fact, they are common in most all construction areas. Once trees have been chopped down, grapple booms are helpful in collecting the debris. The grapple loader acts as an arm to collect the limbs and loads them into the bed of the truck. With the strength and size of these machines, they can carry large amounts of waste and debris. For this reason, these machines are often used in sanitation and other waste management capacities.

Stump Grinders

As the name indicates, a stump grinder aids in grinding down tree stumps once the majority of the trunk has been removed. These machines are very helpful in different capacities, but are particularly useful when leveling an area for a new renovation or clearing land. Different models boast special characteristics such as self-propelling action which makes the process easier and quicker.

There are a number of choices in forestry and tree trucks in Virginia. Choose from bucket trucks, chippers, grapple booms and stump grinders. By considering what you need to accomplish and which machine would best accomplish the task, you can be sure to choose the best forestry and tree trucks in Virginia.

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