Types of Emergency Lighting

by | Mar 18, 2013 | Security

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There are many choices for you when you are trying to decide on emergency lighting in Hertfordshire. There are choices for both inside and outside along with wet location and hazardous location and architectural fixtures. Some other options for your lighting needs include thermoplastic, steel, and wet location emergency lights. Here is some more information about these types of emergency lighting in Hertfordshire.

Thermoplastic Emergency Lights

Thermoplastic emergency lights are one of the choices that you can make when you are looking at emergency lighting in Hertfordshire. They are the most affordable fixtures that are offered at less than £20 a fixture. On top of that, they follow all of the codes for emergency lighting, are very reliable and durable, and they are made for inside use only.

Steel Emergency Lights

Steel emergency lights are a good choice when you are looking into emergency lighting in Hertfordshire. They are customizable which means that you can make them work for a variety of voltages and wattage capacities. They can be put on various lamp head wattages and are most commonly used in industrial facilities. They are put in this area because they are able to handle some wear and tear and a little bit of abuse and they still work great.

Wet Location Emergency Lights

These types of emergency lights are great if you need an emergency light outside that could get wet. While they can be used inside and outside, they are most likely going to be used outside because they will keep working in moist and wet weather along with keeping warm in freezing temperatures. If you need a light that will work in any temperature and any type of weather that wet location emergency lights are the ones that you should choose.

Architectural Emergency Lights

Architectural emergency lights give you the lighting that you need while keeping the building looking aesthetically pleasing. They still follow all of the code compliances so they will work great for emergency lighting but they have some features that make them look like they belong in the building instead of just being in the way. These features include looking attractive or recessed into the ceiling so that they can fit in to even your home and you will only see the lamp heads and not the housing of the lamp.

Hazardous Location Emergency Lights

Hazardous location emergency lights are nice because they are able to remain functional even in extreme circumstances. They will not stop working or break if they are exposed to flammable gas, vapour or dust and they are gasketed to protect all of the electrical parts. They are available for Class 1, Division 1 and Division 2 so that they can survive through very extreme environments.

If you are unsure about what type of emergency lighting is the best solution for your needs, contact Hertfordshire based Millennium Fire Protection today for your solution.

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