Tying a Room Together with Wall Covering Choices

by | Jun 18, 2012 | Home Improvement

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The largest single area of a room, when it comes to décor, is the walls, since they’re at eye level and make up most of the square footage. The second biggest component is the floor. Ideally, your colors for both work together to help make the room a cohesive whole. If they don’t work well together, you might want to look into changing the wall coverings. You have options here: Generally, paint or wallpaper are the choices to go with. Paint has the advantage of being cheaper and easier, but is often the simplest visually and can look flat. Wallpaper can be more work to put up or remove, but allows for a more diverse range of choices. There’s traditional wallpaper, fabric wall coverings, vinyl wall coverings, and grass cloth wallpaper.

Let’s focus on fabric wall coverings for now. You’ve decided that paint alone will leave the room austere and plain, and you want something with a little more excitement. This is especially true if you’re going with light colors, as a white painted room can look very “rent house” whereas a light colored wall covering can add texture and warmth otherwise not attainable. One of the advantages to a fabric wall covering is that it adds visual and tactile texture to a room making it feel more complete. Even a fabric covering that is a solid color will, by nature, have a texture since it will have an actual material to it. In the case of woven fabric wall coverings, it’s even more noticeable. It may not reinvent the way a room looks, but it can add that last bit of texture and depth to complete a room.

There’s another reason why fabric wall coverings can be appealing: Since they’re not made out of plastics or other products that require large amounts of production or use up non-renewable resources, you can do your bit to help the environment. Some of the fabrics are even recyclable. It’s not a giant step, but everyone doing every little bit helps, and when it comes at no cost to the look or feel of your room, it’s only an added benefit. Fabric wall coverings come in a variety of different patterns, fabrics, and colors, meaning that any consumer wanting to go that route has plenty of choices. Your best bet is to do some research online to find brands that carry the colors and patterns you’re interested in. Once you’ve narrowed your search down, if it’s possible, you might want to go to a showroom in person to see how the fabric looks and feels.

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