Two of the Greatest Benefits of Having a Wooden Gate with Your Fence

A lot of people put a lot of focus into the type of fencing they’re going to put up around their yards and other properties. They’re considering privacy fences, chain link options, wrought iron decorative fence, and many other types of fencing. Many also put this much focus on the type of gate they’re going to have. How will it open? How large does it need to be? Do they want functionality or decoration? Another question people ask is whether they want a metal or a wood gate. Opting for a wooden option might be the better choice, and here are a couple of reasons why.

1: Easier to Maintain

Wood is a lot easier to maintain than metal. If the metal bends or cracks, you might need to have the entire gate rebuilt and replaced, or may need to have it professionally welded. A damaged wooden gate can be easily repaired. Plus you can seal wood against the elements a lot easier with stains, paints and other sorts of coatings to keep it protected.

2: Capable of Lasting Longer

A lot of people think that a metal gate would last longer than a wood gate due to the material, but this isn’t really the case. With a metal gate and metal fencing, you always run the risk of rusting and bending. These things won’t plague wood if it’s kept sealed and protected. It might seem a little counter-intuitive, but wood can really outlast metal if it’s cared for properly.

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