Turn Your Garage Into a Stunning Masterpiece With Custom Garage Doors

Your garage door is more than likely the largest feature found on the front of your house, and how it looks affects the entire aesthetics of your home as far as curb appeal goes. You want it to have a charming look that enhances the style of your home beautifully. The best way to do this is by taking advantage of custom garage doors in Scarsdale, NY.


Your first big decision when creating your custom garage door will be picking the materials. Premium woods such as cedar, mahogany and fir are beautiful choices. They are made with an insulated plywood frame. Precision-milled vinyl is easily maintained and includes a double-sided back made with a steel frame. The same steel frame is found on faux wood composite doors.

Door Style

Your style will be a swing door, bifold, twofold or barn door. All are available as overhead garage doors. When choosing, think back to the olden days. What type of door would you have placed on your carriage house? This will help you narrow down your options.

Arched or Square Top

Square-topped garage doors are the most common, but there is certainly an aspect of charm to arched doors. Even if your current door is squared, you can still achieve an arched effect. A simulated arch is placed over the square top. The square design still exists, but it is hidden from sight.

When you take advantage of the custom garage doors in Scarsdale, NY, you will be instantly adding curb appeal to your home. The garage door is one of the largest features found on a house’s exterior. You want it to look amazing while complementing the style of the home. Visit Action Lock & Door Company Inc. to see all your possibilities when it comes to getting a beautiful, custom overhead garage door installed on your home.

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