Turn Metals in CT into Cash

Scrap Metals in CT are worth a significant amount of money for companies that have a consistent source of them. Manufacturers, construction companies, municipalities, those in the automotive industry, and demolition companies can offset operational costs with the money received for metals. Copper, aluminum, brass, carbide, stainless steel, lead, siding, rims, and cars are all worth money.

Individuals can also earn extra cash, although maybe not to the same extent as businesses. Save it throughout the year to go toward a vacation, fill up the gas tank once a month, or host a neighborhood barbecue. Organize a street event, arrange for a container to be delivered, and have people bring their scrap metal. It is a great idea for a fund-raiser or a school project on recycling.

Other Advantages for Companies

Disposing of metals according to regulations can be expensive if done in-house. The company has to pay to have the metal collected and properly disposed of to avoid environmental issues. Instead of paying money, large recycling companies offer a variety of containers and the opportunity for the business to make money.

Choose between removal services or moving roll-off containers into the facility and loading it. Once empty, the container can be driven back until it is filled again. Load-lugger, van trailers, and self-dumping containers are also available. Custom solutions are designed to handle heavy-duty or unique removal issues. Hydraulic cranes, forklifts, and other equipment to breakdown and remove heavy or very large items.


Prices for different types of Metals CT vary and will fluctuate. The highest available rates are offered at all times. Experienced recycling companies, such as Calamari Recycling Co Inc., will post prices on their websites so customers can compare payouts among companies. Industrial and commercial customers can also Click Here for free estimates.

Professionals at the facility will assist with sorting, so customers get the maximum rates for each metal. That can make a substantial difference because it may be difficult for people to distinguish between similar metals. Aluminum, for example, has one price for rods and another for new aluminum. The same is true of steel and stainless steel.

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