Trained Salespeople Teach You all About Diamond Buying in Los Angeles

You’ve got a special occasion that’s coming up and you’re looking to buy the right diamond for the event. No matter if it’s an engagement, wedding or birthday, you need to understand the basics of diamond buying Los Angeles. Reputable jewelery stores train their staff on the differences in diamond quality and cut, and in turn, the staff educates the customer. You’ll be able to pick out the differences between stones in no time at all when you listen to what you are being told.

Diamonds in general are tricky to tell apart with the naked eye alone. Advances in technology have created cuts that increase refraction in all types of stones. As a result, what was once a stone that would be of the lowest quality has more shine and brilliance. However, there are still “tells” that keep the stone lower down on the grading scale. The stone may not have as much flash as a higher quality stone, and the whiteness is dull, almost yellow. There can inclusions that can be seen with the naked eye or with a loupe. Visible inclusions severely degrade the cost of the stone, whereas nearly invisible ones knock an otherwise perfect stone a notch or two. All of this leads into the four “Cs” of diamond buying.

Clarity, cut, color and carat all play a role in the makeup of a diamond. Each diamond in Los Angeles is graded on each of these aspects, and the higher the grade, the better the diamond. It also makes the diamond more expensive, although a good salesperson will show you lesser diamonds that have very little visible difference from the higher quality kind. The idea is to give you a bit of basic training in discerning the differences without resorting to using a loupe. A diamond that has the slightest yellowing may not be overly noticeable, especially if it’s got multiple cuts. The only way you’ll see a difference is if you place it next to a near perfect one.

It’s a special time when you find the need to buy a diamond. Take your time, discuss your options with your salesperson, and let your heart help you buy the right one for your intended recipient.

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