Top Reasons to Seek Emergency Dental Care in Kansas City

Emergency dentists exist because a dental emergency can happen at any time, much like a medical emergency. Just like a medical emergency, there are certain instances where you should seek emergency dental care in Kansas City, and there are times when you can’t wait to see a regular dentist.

Here are some of the top reasons for you to seek care from an emergency dentist rather than wait for the morning.

Lost Filling

You might not realize it, but fillings fall out or are knocked loose more often than not. Most people tend to view their fillings as something permanent, so they don’t give them a second thought. If your filling gets knocked out for some reason you want to seek emergency dental care in Kansas City. Not seeking care immediately can cause further problems because the filling no longer protects the tooth.

Something Is Stuck Between Your Teeth

Many of us wouldn’t think that getting something stuck between two teeth is an emergency. Most of us would just try and get it out on our own. The problem is what happens if you can’t get it out, even food getting stuck between two teeth can cause a problem. If something is stuck too far down between your teeth, it can cause pain and inflammation in your gums. It can also cause bacteria to build up along the tooth, leading to infection.

Broken Tooth

Most of us know to seek emergency dental care for a knocked-out tooth, but many of us don’t realize a broken tooth is just as important. Chips might wait for a regular appointment, but a broken tooth is often more painful.

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