Tips To Installing Brick Pavers In Sarasota FL

Few pieces look good and function as well as brick pavers do. Once installed they can add a look and feel that compliments any deck, yard or patio quickly. There are some important tips that any homeowner thinking of installing Brick Pavers Sarasota FL need to keep in mind to make the job a little easier.

The smart homeowner is the one that has taken the little bit of time to correctly plan ahead. Regardless of the size of your project you should plan it out ahead of time. This means getting some graph paper and drawing out how you want your pavers to go. Use pencil so that you can erase any mistakes.

Once you are ready to begin you need to make it a point to make sure your subfloor is correctly level. In most cases once you have dug out your area you will want to place crushed stone first to help level it out. Use a hand tamper to compact the stones. The next step is to place sand. Sand can be easily adjusted so make sure to take the proper amount of care when leveling out the sand. Measure with a level a couple of times and adjust as necessary.

When it comes time to lay the Brick Pavers Sarasota FL down start at a corner that is next to the home. This is the starting point and you should build out from there. Follow the guidelines you laid out when you did your initial drawing. Avoid sliding them into place as this will only disturb the level sub-floor you created. Also, adjust them carefully. Once you have done a row or two stop and check to make sure they are properly laid down by using a string.

Laying down brick pavers can be the perfect way to enhance your homes look quickly. Start with proper planning. Draw out the pattern ahead of time. Make it a point to level the sub-floor. Sand can be easily adjusted during this process to ensure that you have laid out the bricks correctly. Finally, when laying down your pavers try not to slide them across the sand. This will not only leave a trail, but also can disturb the leveled sub-floor. Also, avoid the temptation to kick pavers into place.

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