Tips to Consider when Purchasing Skylights Massachusetts

According to a study by the Heschong Mahone Group, day lighting an existing building in the US may lead to energy savings up to 20,000 megawatts. So, if you have a building in the US, say in Massachusetts, and decide to make it energy efficient, the best option is to contact a reputable skylights Massachusetts company. These are professionals who can help you choose and install the best skylighting systems, which utilize a combination of skylights, photo controls and building design features to improve the building’s energy efficiency.

Purchasing Skylights Massachusetts: Tips to Consider

Here are more useful tips for choosing skylighting systems:

* The color of walls, floor and ceiling, and the size of the area to be illuminated
* When designing the layout, consider factors such as illumination requirements, weather conditions, cost and energy savings, uniformity, glare reduction techniques and cost of installation.
* Proper positioning of skylights Massachusetts is essential for the best results. For instance, if you require good lighting and warmth indoors, opt for north-facing and east-facing skylights; for good afternoon sunlight and the resultant heat gain, opt or west-facing ones.
* For maximum energy savings, ensure that the skylight to floor ratio is not more than 4%.
* The right photo-control mechanisms can result in maximum energy savings. Photo control options include installing automatic photo sensors and multi-level switching ballasts.
* Choose glazing material carefully, as they affect the type and amount of light coming in. They also affect the product’s durability, energy performance and light diffusing capability. Avoid cheap plastic glazing that is ineffective. Instead, opt for double glazed skylights Massachusetts that offer maximum thermal resistance and reduced condensation.
* To prevent water leakage, ensure that the frame and glazing material are bonded with sealants and gaskets.
* Vented skylights are the best option only if it is easily accessible. Most users find opening and closing them inconvenient. Bathrooms, for instance, can have fixed skylights with a vent fan to prevent condensation problems.
* The choice in materials may range from tempered to laminated glass, tinted and low-e coatings that control UV rays and heat transfer. Before purchasing, compare the thermal efficiency ratings of different skylights and choose one that suits your needs.


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