Tips on Working With A Surrogacy Agency

If you want to become a surrogate in California you can work with a surrogacy agency to assist you in providing a child for a couple who cannot produce children. Several benefits exist for working with a surrogacy agency. The agency gives you support during the process and you’ll have your most important questions answered. When you work with the agency you also get the opportunity to meet with the intended adoptive parents and get to know their stories. If you don’t understand the legal issues regarding surrogacy, the agency has lawyers and legal consultants available to help you.

Choose An Established Agency

When you decide to become a surrogate in California you should choose a surrogate agency that has been around for at least ten or more years. You should also get some referrals from people who became surrogates through the agency to find out if they are satisfied with the agency’s services. Don’t just get referrals from the surrogate mothers alone; also obtain referrals from fertility doctors that the agency worked with in the past.

Proper Screening Process

Before you sign a contract with a surrogate agency you need to inquire about the screening process of intended parents. If you want give a certain type of couple your baby you should be able to do so without many problems from the agency. The agency should screen potential adoptive couples to ensure that they will provide the most nurturing environment for the babies they take in.

Formation of Relationships With Intended Parents
If you’re thinking about becoming a surrogate you should lo
ok for an agency that gives you the opportunity to meet and get to know the intended parents of your child. This is important because you want to understand what the intended parents are like and how they plan to raise your child once he is born. It is also a good idea to maintain a strong bond with the intended parents.

How Much Will Compensation Be?

While it is true that you don’t become a surrogate in California only for monetary compensation, there is nothing wrong with desiring some kind of financial gain from your hard work. Depending on the agency, a surrogate mother can receive up to $3000 although generally they are paid less than this.

It is a sacrifice to give birth to a child and then give him away for another couple to raise permanently. Surrogacy is a labor of love and there have been countless stories of those who had a sense of gratification in doing this.

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