Tips on preserving the life of laptop batteries

Laptop batteries are like any other batteries and they wear out after a time. However unlike common batteries, they are considerably more costly. Learning what drains laptop batteries and how to preserve their functionality can help you minimize the expense of continually replacing them.
One of the reasons laptop batteries drain is due to overcharging. When the battery indicator reads as full, it is time to unplug the battery from the AC adaptor. Prolonged charging beyond the saturation point can cause the battery to weaken over time reducing its efficacy. Other than the initial battery charge, there is no need to keep the laptop plugged in to a power source continually. This is one of the primary reasons that batteries drain overtime. By keeping this tip about laptop batteries in mind as you use your computer, you will be able to lengthen the time period that you are able to use your battery.

Another reason laptop batteries drain faster than they should is that too much stress is placed on them on each use. If the user continually has multiple programs open each time they use the laptop, the battery must produce more energy to keep all the programs running simultaneously. If you are aware of this fact when you use your computer, you can be more conscious about which programs you leave open. Adobe Photoshop and high energy output video game software are obvious examples of programs that require excessive battery power. Decreasing the strain on your laptop batteries by minimizing the amount of programs you have open at one time can help you increase their operating efficiency and overall lifespan.

Finally, by controlling the settings on your laptop, you can minimize how much battery power is used at any one time. When the laptop is not being used, you can have it go into standby mode. You can adjust the settings so that during periods of inactivity, the battery is not being used since the laptop is “asleep.” If you are unsure how to do this on your own, contacting technical support will give you the assistance you need to activate these power saving features on your computer. Additionally, you can adjust the brightness of your screen to help save the battery life as a brighter screen requires more overall battery output.

By following these guidelines, you will be well on your way towards conserving the battery life of your laptop and avoiding costly replacement laptop batteries. Although it may be difficult to change habits after you have been using your laptop for a while, incorporating these new, energy saving habits will save you more in the long run.

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