Tips on Family Law By Lee Law Firm in Dallas, Texas

Are you finding yourself in a difficult situation where you need legal advice? Perhaps you are about to go through a divorce or a child custody suit? If so, and you are in Texas, the Lee Law Firm Dallas, is able to provide legal advice for you on various legal situations as well as offering their Fathers Help of Texas program. They want to offer you some tips on family law.

* Write a short summary providing details of what you want and why. Ensure you put it into sections such as property division, plans for parenting, the support of the children, and other details that are of importance.

* Prepare the questions you wish to ask in the courtroom. Be sure to have them available to you, so you won’t forget them when you are in front of the abrogator or judge.

* Secure the availability of any witnesses you will have in your case is vital, ensure they are within a 15 minute reach when needed.

* Per your parenting plan, bring at least 4 copies of the proposed plan as to how you will handle the affairs of the children.

* Concerning child support and maintenance (alimony or palimony), be able to provide your most current W-2’s, pay stubs and a copy of your tax return from the last year filed.

* Ensure you are in the courtroom on time, and you have all of your information together.

This is a lot of information to gather, and there are other things you must do before going into the courtroom on the matters of Family Law. To ensure you come out with the best possible solution, it is recommended that you get a professional attorney to aid you. The Lee Law Firm Dallas, Texas is able to provide you with all of the competent help you need. Although their primary legal focus concerns the rights of fathers, they are also experienced in family law, divorce, child custody, personal injury, simple wills, traffic tickets, warrants, DUI’s, evictions and other areas.


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