Tips on Colorado Divorce Law by a Divorce Lawyer Colorado Springs CO

Are you contemplating a divorce from your spouse? Does the thought of what will happen with the children make you apprehensive and anxious? Are you a candidate for adopting a child and do not know what to do? If so, and you are in the Colorado Springs, Colorado area, you may want to know about the services of Royal A. Martin, PC. He is a Divorce Lawyer Colorado Springs CO who wants to educate you with a few tips on the divorce laws in the State of Colorado.

In Colorado, the term divorce is substituted with the phrase “dissolution of marriage” and alimony is “spousal maintenance.” Colorado grants spousal support without regard to whose fault it was, making it a “no-fault” state. Here are a few things that may help you in consideration of divorce proceedings.

* The only stipulation for a divorce in Colorado is that the judge finds in his or her estimation that the marriage is “irretrievably broken.” Whether or not one spouse has engaged in adultery, mental cruelty or abandonment is immaterial in the State of Colorado.

* Initially a separation agreement is usually filed which usually describes details about child custody, division of assets and debts and financial support.

* In the case of alimony or “spousal maintenance,” the divorce statute applied in Colorado states that the court may award alimony to a spouse if it finds that said spouse is in a state of financial affairs to where he or she cannot provide for him/herself or if that spouse has custody of minor children whose situation warrants that the spouse stays home with them.

* Colorado views marriage as a partnership and divorce as a dissolution of such relationship. As such, they insist on an equitable split, which incidentally is not necessarily 50/50.

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