Tips In Picking The Right Patio Doors

Patio doors are a unique type of door because they combine that look of openness from the outside with the sense of décor and style on the inside. There are also doors in many homes that are used on a regular basis so they need to be designed to be both beautiful as well as practical.

Several things are important to consider before you choose a patio door. By understanding the type of door you want, the security issues that you may need to address, and the actual style of the door, you will have little difficulty in finding options.

Type of Door

There are two basic styles of patio doors. Those that open in or out like a traditional door, which are most often called French doors, or those that slide behind each other to open or close.

The amount of space that you have on the inside and outside of the door should be considered carefully. Sliding doors don’t need to open inwards or outwards but they only provide the one door sized opening, not the full two door opening that is possible with French door styles.

There are some accordion or folding patio doors, but these are not as common. They are often used when you have a very large space and interior room.

Security and Use Issues

A big concern people have with patio doors is the security issues. Doors with a lot of glass tend to be less secure than those primarily made of wood. However, you can choose patio doors with smaller window sections or a more robust frame with bottom wood panels. This provides natural light and openness, but a more solid door. Frosted or textured glass can also allow light in while providing privacy.

You may also want to consider the locking mechanisms and door options if security is a concern. There are very secure locking mechanisms for all types of patio doors.

Choosing a Style

Choosing a style of patio doors is the best part of the project. Take your time and look at the different materials, styles and options and compare them to your specific space and needs.

Remember that looking online will give you a great idea of your options as well as offer you prices that may be much lower for wood and custom designed doors than you can find in local building supply stores.

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