Tips for Working With a Fencing Service in Christiansburg VA

When preparing for the installation of new fencing, homeowners have numerous factors to think of. Along with choosing the right materials, it’s important to determine the proper layout for the project. A Fencing Service in Christiansburg VA will help a homeowner decide where to place the fence. By following the county’s restrictions on fencing and property lines, customers can avoid fines and other penalties. Below are a few tips on determining whether a fence can be installed on the property line.

Scheduling a Survey

If a homeowner wants to place their fence as close as possible to the property line, they’ll have to ensure that the line is correctly mapped. To assess the exact dimensions of the property line, a professional survey may be required. During the process, an expert team will use specific equipment to see where the property line is around the home.

Examining Local Regulations

The decision to place a fence on the property line may be affected by local regulations. Certain counties have setback rules that require homeowners to position their fences a certain distance back from the property line. If a customer is unsure whether these restrictions apply, they should contact their local authorities.

Talking to the Neighbors

Once the land has been surveyed and local regulations have been checked, the final step is to have a conversation with the neighbors. When a fence is built right on the property line, it not only creates a border along the customer’s yard, but it creates one along the neighbor’s yard as well. If the neighbors are satisfied with the installation plan, it’s time to go ahead with the process. However, if they believe the fence may encroach on their property or affect their view, it’s important to reach a compromise before the job moves forward.

In Closing

Installing a fence will add value to the property and increase its security, but there are considerations to make before work can begin. By following the appropriate local regulations, talking to their neighbors, and working with a reputable Fencing Service in Christiansburg VA, homeowners can build good fences that make for good neighborly relationships. Call today to request an estimate or visit the website for additional information. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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