Tips For Wholesalers Purchasing Flange Bolt And Gasket Sets

Wholesale distribution companies supplying materials, parts, and components to the natural gas, waterworks, and plumbing industries need to have reliable, dependable suppliers.

Finding reliable suppliers is not always an easy task, particularly if the wholesaler needs specialty items or rare and hard to find parts, components, and materials. In these situations, having an experienced supplier with an above average inventory is essential to allow the wholesalers to quickly provide necessary products for their customers.

One particular area where a supplier needs to have both a standard and hard to find inventory in flange bolt and gasket sets. As these can be used in plumbing, natural gas systems as well as in waterworks, working with the best supplier is always a critical aspect of keeping customers satisfied.

On-Hand Inventory

The on-hand inventory of flange bolt and gasket sets as well as single gaskets, flange bolt options, and flange packs are critical for a wholesaler to consider. On-hand inventory is ready to ship, meaning a short turnaround time on orders.

On-hand inventory is not just reserved for the most commonly ordered parts or materials; it should also include products that are less frequently ordered. While a supplier will not have every possible gasket and flange bolt, they should have a good selection.

Additionally, with all parts and materials available with one order, the wholesaler has one delivery, faster processing of customer orders and also reduced shipping costs.


With flange bolt and gasket sets, as with all other products ordered from a supplier, pricing is a critical determiner for a wholesaler. By using one supplier for all products, wholesalers receive the best possible price.

Shopping around and comparing suppliers is important, but it is equally important to check shipping costs, turnaround time for orders and the ability to fill orders from on-hand inventory.

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