Tips for selling your home privately

by | Dec 29, 2020 | Real Estate

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Ninety three percent of the people who are selling home in Denver CO will use a real estate agent, which leaves the other seven percent who don’t. With some research and some hard work, these seven percent can save themselves considerable money, the average commissions can be six percent.

Beyond just saving money there are other valid reasons to attempt to Sell House Fast In Denver on your own. Nobody knows the home better than the owners and who better to communicate to potential buyers the homes benefits and its background. When you decide to sell your home on your own, you are taking full control of the transaction; there is no reason to be concerned that a broker or real estate agent is trying to take advantage of a situation.

Of course you will not have the same contacts that a real estate agent has, you are not a member of MLS nor will you have the same contacts in construction that the agent has. It is also true that potential buyers feel more comfortable when dealing with an agent and although you are attempting to save the commission, you will also be asked to drop the price by buyers.

selling home Denver CO privately will take a lot of time. You will have to advertise and promote the home, schedule viewings of the home, negotiate without any assistance and find any professionals such as a home inspector, title company and lawyer.

A few tips when selling your home privately:

Before you do anything, you have to make sure that everything you do is in compliance with the state fair housing laws. The first tangible thing you have to do is advertise, it is the key to a successful sale. Put your ad in the local newspaper and look for free weeklies that are often available in supermarkets and shopping malls. Get on-line and find sites that allow you to post “for sale by owner” ads. The advertising that you create should give the basic information on the house; number of bedrooms, bathrooms and any special amenities such as a swimming pool.

Invest in a very attractive sign; a sign is well worth having as it specifically tells every passer-by that your home is for sale. Include your phone number so interested potential buyers can contact you directly. To avoid any activity associated with privately selling home in Denver CO, you are invited to call Professional Home Buyers. Provide them with the specifics of your home and expect a cash offer, if the offer is acceptable, you can see your money with a month.

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