Tips for Keeping Your Tires Healthy

Do you plan on taking a road trip soon? Maybe you want to get away for the weekend, and you need to check out your tires. Here are some helpful tips for keeping tires in good shape, so you do not have to go shopping tires for sale in Tulsa soon.

Proper Tire Pressure

It is not hard to check tire pressure. Most tire gauges are inexpensive, and you can keep one in the glove box for convenience. Always check tires when they are cold, and you have not yet driven. When you drive, tires heat up and expand, creating more air pressure. Many new cars have self-monitoring tire pressure, and it is as simple as pushing a button to check them.

Why Maintain Tire Pressure?

When you keep the right amount of air in your tires, they perform better. In fact, you can improve your car’s fuel efficiency by as much as three percent. Tire last longer when they are properly inflated. For example, an underinflated tire wears out tread on the edges.


Check with your local auto shop offering tires for sale in Tulsa about their tire rotation services. When you rotate tires, you switch the front with the back ones, and this helps to maintain even tread wear. It can extend the life of your tires. Consider tire rotation every other oil change.


When you check tire pressure, take some time to look closely at the tires. Are the treads wearing thin? Do you see any cracks in sidewalls? Are the blisters of knots in the tread section? If you notice these problems, it could be time to check out tires for sale in Tulsa. Your tire service can help you find the perfect tires for your car. They also offer custom wheels and tires, so you can go to a larger size if you want to.

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