Tips for Conversion Rate Optimization

A survey done by Marketing Tips magazine found that web marketing companies are offering software that promise an increased conversion rate of 25% to 250%. With Conversion Rate Optimization, websites aim to generate better results from their visitor traffic. These results may be in the form of more leads, opt-ins, or more sales. The trick is to optimize your landing page conversion funnel. It has been found that approximately 80% of all internet users click on websites for informational purposes. So a landing page that only offers purchase and no information is no good. Out of these visitors, only around 60% click on call-to-action buttons. The funnel further narrows down as only some of these visitors complete the action and further make a purchase, or in other words, convert.

How to obtain Conversion Rate Optimization:

Conversion rate optimization is just a changing around of elements on a web page that lead to better conversion rates for the business. It is much more affordable than paid advertising campaigns, but it too requires expertise for which you should hire reliable service providers.

Placement tactics: Your landing pages have to be full of call-to-action buttons, but you must ensure that these buttons are spaced strategically. Place important copy and call-to-action buttons above the fold. Don’t place ads in the side bar. The best place for ads is within the content itself. Embed your articles with links, but do not overdo it, because that might adversely impact the user experience. Use techniques such as the Golden Triangle or the Z Reading Eye Tracking to know how to place your content better.

Visitor engagement: Engage the visitor using some stimuli or the other. Make the content interesting, consistent and informative. Do not make it difficult for the user to interact with your website. Do not ask them to create an account or sign up for trivial participatory activities like leaving a comment.

Trust Building exercises: Make sure your website has reviews and user experiences that help you gain credibility in front of new visitors. Also, include a press section that has press releases and knowledge about your business. This will build up reliable, trust worthy, credible and professional image for you and your business.

Test-a-lot: Keep testing your conversion rate optimization as the World Wide Web is the most dynamic of places when it comes to rules and regulations. Search engines often change their policies and requirements without prior warning. You must make sure that you are aware of what are the market conditions so that you do not lose out on any web traffic or in this case, enhanced business.

There are a lot of other things that one can do for conversion rate optimization that have to do with optimizing content and navigation structures. Write simple, yet non-conventional layouts for best results. In order to entice users, do not use any garish tactics such as special effects that are more distracting than attractive. Service providers who have the necessary expertise apply all these tips and allot more optimum conversion rates.

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