Tips For Choosing 30mm Scope Rings

When it comes to choosing scope rings, there are a few different issues that gun owners have to keep in mind. These rings are responsible for essentially securing the scope to the base, and they play an important part in the complete system.

The 30mm scope rings are some of the most commonly sold rings for many different bases. The type of ring and even the ease of installation should all be carefully considered when pairing these with an existing base.


The 30mm scope rings can be designed to split either across, or horizontally, or down, which is denoted as vertically. With the horizontal split, the bottom of the ring is attached to the base. This allows a very quick and easy type of installation on the base.

With a vertical split, which is much less common, both sides of the ring attach to the base. This required more specific installation as slight variances between the two sides of the ring can impact how securely the scope is held in place. The vertical split style of ring is considered to offer the best and most secure mount for the scope, but it also makes changing out the scope more challenging.

The Base

The base itself will have a specific type of design. This may be a Picatinny or a Weaver style or a Talley, Dovetail or Windage-adjustable type of base. The type of rings that are selected should be of the same type as the base. This ensures that the ring will fit on the base and the that the attachment will be correct for the rings.


Each of the different 30mm scope rings are designed to hold the scope at a different height. This accommodates both the diameter of the scope as well as the bolt lift and other factors when firing the weapon.

It is recommended by shooting experts to choose the lowest acceptable height for scope rings to help to keep the correct positioning for accuracy when aiming the weapon. It also helps the shooter to keep the head in alignment with the weapon rather than raised up and off the weapon, which creates a create risk of inaccuracy.

There are some specialized types of scope rings that provide a variety of additional features to consider. Some will adjust to work with different bases, while others can be taken on and off the base without the need for tools, something to consider for those that tend to use different scopes and sights for a variety of different shooting styles.

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