Tips For Booking Special Events At Austin, TX Golf Courses

Golf clubs are wonderful spaces for special events in and around the Austin, TX area. Private clubs are often more difficult to book for holiday events and for weekends over the summer, which are always busy with weddings and anniversaries.

Public golf courses throughout Austin, TX offer a terrific place to hold weddings, anniversaries, corporate retreats, banquets, graduations, holiday celebrations, or any other special events throughout the year.

What to Consider

When booking public golf courses for these special events, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Book early – summer weekends and winter holidays are very busy for any venue in the city. Ideally, book at least six months in advance. If you are committed to a specific date, booking even earlier is highly recommended. New Years and Christmas event books are often completed one year in advance.
  • Know your crowd size – once you book the specific room or area at golf courses, it may be difficult to book a larger room if you want to expand the guest list.
  • Alternate plans – when planning an outdoor event, such as a summer wedding at golf courses in the area, having an alternate space is important. Talk to the golf club well in advance of the date and have a plan if there is wet or windy weather.
  • Budget – when thinking of your budget, consider the rental, decorations, food and beverage, and any other costs. Make sure you have a written contract that lists all the services the facility will provide.

Be sure to visit the different golf clubs you are considering before booking a room and planning your special event.

Plum Creek Golf Course is one of the top golf courses for special events in the Austin, TX, area. To see more, visit us at

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